Purchase Options


$450 per set. 15% discount for Non-profit and government organizations. Try it out option – You would have 30 days to use and decide if you want to let the purchase stand. If the set is intact, you cover shipping both ways and $200 fee if you choose to return the set. Returned sets will be restored and made available to communities without resources to purchase.

Qualities of the set and expected usage

Highest quality materials – durable and able to be cleaned.

Packaged to be in tact for a minimum of 100 Lab uses.

Professional high-end design/materials to honor the time and investment of the participants and facilitators who weave ConversationLabs into their practices.

Additional Specialized Arena/Topic Card Sets

These have been designed for the following audiences and may be purchased for $35 per set plus shipping. These will fit into the ConversationLab box.
  • Grief work
  • Future of meaningful work
  • Feeling safe to learn
  • Issues of emerging adults
  • Parents of teens with addiction issues
  • Reviving the high school experience for students
  • High school students needing to learn conversation skills
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Replacement of set pieces are available, plus shipping. Email to inquire.

Notes about our pricing structure and our “charitable giving” practices

We are a California business and value the freedom that we have. Yet we are striving to flip how business works in the economy – and to model this. Currently, we have non-profits and B-corporations or other entity forms to try to rein in unbridled profit-taking, at the expense of employees, suppliers, or clients. 

Profit is what is left after expenses. In big corporations, charitable giving is a tiny slice of their expenses. Maximizing short-term, (quarterly) shareholder value is the mantra, and minimizing expenses is the practice of management.

We are not a B-corp or non-profit corporation. However, 40% of our profits are made directly available for communities without resources to purchase ConversationLabs. We are committed to using the freedom that business allows to create what the world needs – and our gesture is to be as generous as possible to those who will benefit from ConversationLabs.

We all came away different in that we were able to base our sense of trust in each other in an actual meaningful experience.

Lab Participant Location, Sweden