Our Team

Who are we?

We are social architects who come from various backgrounds.

We have worked in related fields of professional  and organizational development, cultural healing, self-knowledge for personal growth, leadership and management, in consulting and higher education, design and planning, complexity, and applied critical thinking. We’re in the business sector, in the community and NGO sectors, and in the government sector.

Jane Lorand standing on grass near a sandy beach. She has short blonde hair and a pair of sunglasses atop her head, wearing a short-sleeved black top. She is smiling at the camera.

Jane Lorand

An entrepreneur, a mother of five who has been involved in social-emotional learning for decades. Jane is a former tax attorney and co-founder of the first accredited GreenMBA in 1999, teaching Applied Critical Thinking among other specialized courses. She is a consultant, leading strategic planning and systemic ways to engage those on the periphery to bring their insights to serve the whole. Jane and Bruce McKenzie built WindTunneling, an online complexity toolset. She and her team also built the CatalyticThinkingLabs.org, which makes available at no cost 110 ninety-minute learning labs in Critical Thinking, Navigating Complex Issues, Self-Knowledge for Leading and Supporting, and Disciplined Social Innovation. She is an advocate for Waldorf Education. To learn more, you can check out the Client List at FutureInsightMaps.com, Jane and Bruce’s corporate website.

Karen Olson

An architect and writer of screen plays, Karen has lived both in the US and France during her career. She has been an integral part of the team for the Fort Baker Leadership Summits and the Catalytic Thinking Labs, along with a co-founder with Jane of WindTunneling, a complexity software tool kit. She has worked with Jane and Bruce McKenzie to advance our understanding of complexity and design toolsets to bring people together for meaningful conversations. Karen is the person in every meeting who sits quietly listening, and at the end, shares one sentence that captures the essence of the whole!

Karen Olson is a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length, wavy silver hair. She is standing in front of ivy foliage, is wearing black-rimmed glasses, a black top with horizontal peach stripes, and is smiling at the camera.
Della Gilleran is a middle-aged woman with short silver and gray hair. She is wearing a navy blue blazer, white-collared blouse, and a colorful scarf with a square pattern.

Della Gilleran and Isla Waite

Both are professional designers and specialists in communication, both in print and digital form. Since 1994, she and her team at Marketing by Design have worked to support Jane’s work in the various aspects, building the print support for the Fort Baker Leadership Summits, the CatalyticThinkingLabs.com, WindTunneling software toolset and now ConversationLabs. Their sense for design and their joyful attitudes lifts everyone on the team each time we get together!

Isla Waite is a woman with long, curly brown hair. She is wearing a short-sleeved indigo top and a small necklace. In the background is a gold-colored bridge.
Bruce McKenzie is an older man with short gray hair. He is smiling with his mouth closed.

Bruce McKenzie

A pioneer in complexity and systemic thinking. He and Jane met in 2006 and began to bring his extraordinary work to the students in the GreenMBA that Jane had co-founded. They co-created the Systemic Labs that helped students build skills in navigating complex issues. His deep grasp of human systems, ethics, and communication have enriched us all. Bruce lives and works in Australia, and is making his work available online in various formats.

Barbara Strickland

Intimately involved in WindTunneling, CatalyticThinkingLabs.com, GreenMBA and its offshoots as well as carrying the operations functions for all of Jane and Bruce’s work in the US in the past fifteen years. She is an alumni from the GreenMBA at Dominican University of California and brings positivity and excellence in making things happen and work as we imagine them! Barbara is a certified WindTunneling facilitator and a true pioneer and organizational genius behind these efforts.

Barbara Strickland is a middle-aged woman with long light brown, wavy hair with bangs. She is wearing a dark burgundy top and in the background is a green grassy field.
Karri Winn is a middle-aged woman with mousey brown and gray hair. She is standing in front of tall green plants and is wearing a light top with with a colorful floral pattern.

Karri Winn

An early GreenMBA student and has worked with Bruce and Jane for over a decade, after evidencing extraordinary capacities in critical thinking, systemics, and all of the efforts behind the ConversationLabs. She also has a BA and MA from University of California, Davis, in Sustainable Development. She lives in Portland where she is pioneering various initiatives related to well-being and movement, along with environmental and social justice issues. She led a 14-week course using WindTunneling software to accelerate the knowledge sharing among the several hundred students. She is a certified WindTunneling facilitator.

Kyra Auerbach

Also an early GreenMBA alum who lives in Sebastopol, outside Santa Rosa, California. She taught with Jane in the GreenMBA and was a significant contributor as we built out the CatalyticThinkingLabs.com. She does consulting and is a somatic practitioner (MA from California Institute for Integral Studies) and is raising two daughters. She is also a certified WindTunneling facilitator.

Kyra Auerbach is a middle-aged woman with long dark wavy hair. In the background is a dirt trail and trees. She is wearing dark-rimmed glasses, a dark top and dark jacket, with a beaded necklace.