ConversationLabs – Two Kits


Each ConversationLabs box contains:

Lab Mat, Directions Cube, 60 minute Sand Timer, 3 minute Sand Timer, 9 Arena cards, 9 Topic Cards, 3 Topic Card Holders, 18 Phrasing Cards, Card with overview, Directions Pamphlet


Each ConversationLabs box contains:

Lab Mat
This acts as a hosting space and enables participants to see everything they need. This mat is washable and can be folded in thirds to lay in the bottom of the Lab Box.

Directions Cube
The Cube holds all of the directions for the lab experiences.

The Story Sharing Prompts
These are printed on the Lab Mat in two directions. These are ten suggested ways for the participants to cultivate a memory that can be woven together with one of the Topic Cards. They are read aloud.

The Arena Cards
The group chooses one of the 8 Arena Cards as the main focus of their conversation. These are read aloud. There are no wrong answers!

The Topic Cards
The group lays out the 10 color-coded topic cards and chooses 3 for their conversation.

Topic Card Holders
These 3 plastic rings hold the Topic Cards vertically so that everyone can see them as a reference for their story.

60 Minute Timer
Provides the outside limit for the lab.

3 Minute Timer
Acts as a talking stick to identify the time for each person to share his/her story. It is also used to provide the time for participants to craft their story, linking one Topic Card with one Sharing Prompt.

Phrasing Cards
These are suggested ways for participants to join in the Open Conversation in ways that keep the conversation warm, and act to weave together the participants by referring to each other by name.

Blank Arena and Topic Cards
These are included if the facilitator or group wants to create their own. They could add cards to an existing set, or create an entirely new set. Guidance for crafting effective Arena and Topic Cards is in the Brief Facilitator Notes Section under Contact Us.

Additional information

Weight 11.0 lbs
Dimensions 17.0 × 11.0 × 20.0 in